Something Greater

After applying to King’s College in Year 12 and receiving that acceptance letter, it all becomes a waiting game. Waiting for Year 12 to finish, waiting for OP results or for some, even just waiting for Enrolment Day. But sure enough, the day came sooner than I can remember and it was time to embark on a new course of life, the life as a Kingsman.

That’s if we made it through O-week of course…

O-Week, it is the week of much speculation… We were told that it would be tough and that we’d be pushed to our limits but we were also told that the week would bring rewards like no other experience. Those few days were indeed challenging, however, we soon came to realise that O-week was just as enjoyable as it was challenging. Stories and rumours don’t serve to prove the real legend of O-week, it is something beyond explanation, something that you can only really understand if you’ve experienced it.

The week involved bonding with the boys first and foremost, but also comprised of many opportunities to ‘interdigitate’ among various Colleges, meeting new people and making new friends. Along with this, King’s included presentations and awareness speeches for alcohol, drugs and sexual assault plus a guided tour of the University by 3rd years within each faculty of study.

The underpinning purpose of the week was to challenge us to prove we had the genuine virtues of a Kingsman. This served more than to just physically and mentally test us, but to ensure the College would remain a community held in high regard with a prestigious reputation.

So, what does it mean to be a Kingsman?

Throughout the week, we were expected to uphold the values of true Kingsmen as they were instilled by the exec members; Respect, Courage, Loyalty, Integrity and Humility. The week also taught many skills; how to work as a team and how to support each other, but most importantly it taught us to become a unit. We began as a bunch who were collectively known as “freshers”, but by the end of O-week, the day we commenced our journey as newly proven Kingsmen, we were brothers.

The end of Semester One is now fast approaching and the days of O-week are well behind us. I believe I have settled into a steady routine with University and College life, not without some obvious adjustments to the new lifestyle that is; tertiary education. Since commencing the journey here at King’s College I have endeavoured to involve myself in what I can for the College, whilst attempting to find a sense of balance with University work. Earlier on in Semester One, I was given the opportunity to represent King’s in College Idol. This was an extraordinary experience as I felt the support, spirit and encouraging chants of the Kingsmen and I am truly grateful for their support. It was that particular night which reinforced that being a part of King’s College is more than just accommodation, it is something greater. King’s College is a home and a brotherhood.

Overall, King’s College has exceeded expectations, and whilst everyone has different values and different ideals, I cannot doubt my choice in College on the Campus of UQ.

Matthew Cook