College Council

The College is governed by the King’s College Council. The Council is made up of representatives from:

  • The Uniting Church Synod
  • The King’s Old Collegians’ Association
  • The Board of Fellows
  • The University Senate
  • The King’s College Students’ Club

The Deputy Master is eligible to attend meetings of Council.

The members of Council are:

  • President – Dr Brett Robinson (Council Appointment)
  • Vice-President – Mr. Gary Lynch (Uniting Church)
  • Secretary – Ms. Kathleen Newcombe (Council Appointment)
  • Treasurer – Mr. Paul Collins (Council Appointment)
  • Master and Chief Executive – Mr. Greg Eddy
  • Mr. Richard Wharton (Council Appointment)
  • Mr. Harrison Wildman (KOCA)
  • Dr Dee Gibbon OAM (UQ Senate)
  • Ms Allison Warburton (Uniting Church)
  • Mr. James Murray (President, KCSC)
  • Mr. Bryce Harrison (Secretary, KCSC)
  • Mr. Peter Walker (Deputy Master)
  • Mr. Blake Miller (President, KOCA)
  • Mr. Brad De Luca (KOCA)