King's Old Collegians' Association

Officially founded in 1923 the King’s Old Collegians’ Association (KOCA) is the oldest of its kind affiliated with The University of Queensland colleges. It is believed that an unofficial KOCA started as early as 1915 on the famous battlefields in Gallipoli in World War 1.

KOCA’s objectives are to

  • Foster communication between past Collegians
  • Provide a medium through which members can provide input into and support for King’s College
  • Preserve the history and traditions of King’s College and pass these on to present Collegians
  • Do all such things as are necessary or incidental to the achievement of the above objects.


All correspondence should be
addressed to:

The Secretary
Upland Rd
St Lucia QLD 4067

KOCA Executive contacts

Mr Blake Miller (2003-2007)

Management Committee Members

President:  Mr Blake Miller (2003-2007)

Vice President:   Mr Fraser McVeigh (2017-2020)

Treasurer:  Mr Matthew Morgan (2004 – 2007)

Committee Members:

  • Andrew Collins
  • Marisabel Gooding
  • Andrew Lynch
  • Olivia Ridley
  • Jack Woods
  • Laing Goostrey

Key Events

  • Welcome to KOCA drinks – last Friday of February each year
  • Cooper-Foote Law Society, Broomhead-Ferros Business Society and the Watson-Mile Engineering Society. Networking evenings held across March to May each year. Check out our facebook page or the College Calendar for more information.
  • ANZAC Day – 25th of April at King’s College 7am each year. Join us for breakfast after.
  • Annual General Meeting of the Association – Held each year on the last Friday of July. Check our facebook page or the College magazine for specific location details and time.


The following excerpt from the Annals of King’s College captures the early history of the Association: “King’s College has one proud tradition that time can never tarnish. The College was open for students in 1913. In March 1914, the second entry of freshers came in, bringing the total number up to 30. Five months later the Great War broke out and men were called to arms. The response from King’s men is now so famous that it seems unnecessary to record it in print. However, for the benefit of oncoming men let it be written. King’s answered as one man, and the College was almost emptied (as the first Master put it, “to the honour of King’s for all time”). Thus were our first Old Collegians created. It is said that four of them met on Gallipoli Peninsula, and first formed an unofficial KOCA. The War finished, some of the men returned to King’s and brought with them a wonderful esspirit de corps that served as the best tonic possible to the young College. So the official KOCA came into being in 1923 with exactly the same ideals that the first unofficial body had – to keep evergreen the King’s spirit of comradeship amongst past men and to render the College love and service in all ways within the power of the Association.”

The first President of the Association, James Robinson was also the first President of the King’s College Student Club when the College opened at Kangaroo Point in 1913. Robinson may well have been one of those four who formed the unofficial KOCA for he served with distinction with the 26th Battalion AIF at Gallipoli as Lieutenant rising to Lieutenant Colonel.