‘It is at King’s that we spend perhaps the most socially formative, personally creative, and intellectually stimulating years of our lives’. College life is an experience…that enables students to live for a few years as part of a large, diverse community, with a unique scope to flourish by contributing to, while gaining from, the communal life.’

Mike Vaughan
(1971-1974, Fellow)

This is the King’s way. Since its foundation, generations of generous giving have been a part of our legacy. Accessibility for students to academic, professional, sporting, and cultural opportunities that enrich personal development has been part of our mission since 1912.

Thank you

With your continued involvement, we can provide outstanding facilities, support programs, and help to talented students in need of financial assistance well into the future.

No matter where your interest is, when you invest in King’s College, your gift will have a lasting impact.  Find out about our lasting impact.

Please consider supporting the College’s Foundation.

The Foundation

Established in 1987 as part of King’s 75th celebrations, the Foundation partners with the College to deliver programs, projects, and infrastructure that will enrich the lives of our residents now and in the future as valued alumni. All gifts directed to the King’s College Foundation attract a tax deduction.

Ways to give

  • Annual giving
  • Scholarships and bursaries
  • Bequests
  • Building projects
  • In-kind giving

Every gift matters.  Whether you can give $10, $10,000, or $100,000, we invite you to join us in making a difference at King’s College.

Donations to the College Foundation are tax deductible and are valued no matter how large or small.

For more information or a confidential conversation, please contact:

Amanda Houston

Director of Engagement and Advancement

M: 0400 399 089

E: a.houston@kings.uq.edu.au

Platinum Club

The Platinum Club was launched in March 2013 by the Foundation, to provide support to students in financial need.  You are invited to join the King’s community in raising $5 million by 2030.  To date, you have donated close to $500,000 which has enabled King’s College to support thousands of students through the scholarship and bursary program.

Your tax-deductible gift of $10,000 over the next 10 years will secure Platinum Club Membership and enable more students to experience the benefits of learning and living at King’s.

Annual Giving

Annual giving to support the College’s ambition financially fosters a philanthropic community where we all contribute to a greater purpose.  Together, we can make an enduring contribution to the College.

Through the generous giving of Old Collegians, parents, and friends of the College, in 2023 King’s College supported over 70 members with a scholarship or bursary.

In 2024, you can choose to nominate your contribution to:

  • Henry Jennings Scholarships – supporting a member in their third year at King’s – $5,000 each
  • Malcolm Whyte AO Bursaries – supporting new and returning members at King’s – $3,000 each
  • King’s College Rural Women’s Scholarships – supporting a first-year female student from a rural setting – value to be determined based on need
  • Mary Mahoney AO Scholarships – supporting new and returning female students at King’s who are studying at university – $5,000 each
  • Refurbishment of rooms in G flat – one room’s renovation costs approximately $10,000

Help support a student at King’s College by making a gift.   

Refurbishment of rooms in G flat

Scholarships and bursaries

The King’s community is committed to keeping the College accessible for all students, regardless of their financial circumstances. The College offers approximately 60 scholarships and bursaries each year. You can establish a named scholarship or bursary in perpetuity, or support one of these through annual giving or Platinum Club membership.

Malcolm Whyte AO Bursary 2024 Recipient

“Growing up in Hong Kong,
I remember watching the King’s College rugby team play at the 10s tournament.

Today, I hope to represent our rugby team while working towards securing an overseas placement or exchange within my field of study. I am determined to succeed in all aspects of university life, from achieving my academic potential to making lifelong networks.

This bursary means that I can get involved in the College’s tutorial, mentoring and career development programs to helpme achieve my goals.”

Tom Fabiani
Bachelor of Advanced Finance and Economics (Honours)

Dr Mary Mahoney AO Scholarship 2024 Recipient

“I am passionate about achieving my potential and surrounding myself with individuals who wish to make a positive impact on others.

I enjoy being actively involved in different sports and cultural activities and I strive to be an inspiration to others, demonstrating that anyone can achieve remarkable things!

With the help of this scholarship, I have moved from the Sunshine Coast to attend King’s College and encourage the other residents to connect and contribute to a safe and empathetic environment where they can share their feelings, life experiences, and challenges.”

Steph Panzera
Bachelor of Commerce


Including a bequest to King’s in your will offers a way of providing support for future generations of King’s residents.  Bequests are vital in ensuring we can continue to provide an enriching living and learning experience that residents and alumni benefit from and remember fondly.  It also provides an opportunity to give to the College where you may not have found it possible during your lifetime.

Anyone who makes a bequest, no matter the amount, receives membership into The Wyvern Society. The Wyvern was chosen as a symbol for the Society as it holds a special place in the hearts and minds of those connected with King’s College. The first Patron of The Wyvern Society was the late Reverend Dr Robert Fulcher (1938-1941), a former Deputy Master and long-term supporter of the College. It is fitting that we honour those who have chosen to remember King’s in this way.

There are many bequest opportunities you may consider. For a confidential conversation about leaving a bequest to King’s College, please contact us so that we can fulfil your wishes.

Building Projects

We recently launched the 2024-2044 Master Plan, and we are developing the first phase of building priorities, including new residential wings, and rowing clubhouse.

King’s is proud to stand out for its focus on excellence and providing the best accommodation and support for young men and women attending university. With the support of the King’s community, the Centenary Building and Wensley Wings were constructed as state-of-the-art, eco-friendly residential facilities.  A special gift from the McDonald family enabled the construction of the Keith McDonald Court. Donations from the McCulloch and Watson families assisted with the construction of the McCulloch Watson Terrace.

If you would like to receive Master Plan updates, please complete the form. 

In-kind giving

King’s greatly appreciates giving in-kind from the College community. Many of our Old Collegians generously give their time to mentor residents, assist with career advice, and connect alumni to different opportunities via their professional networks.  Others also share their knowledge and expertise by participating in College committees.

Thank you