With over 90+ tutorials covering courses from all tertiary institutions and onsite academic assistance, King’s College offers outstanding academic support.

While students are ultimately responsible for their own results, the College will provide support to ensure they have the best opportunity to succeed.

In addition to the academic leadership provided to Kingsmen and women by the Director of Academic and Career Services, Tony Andres, and the Deputy Master, Peter Walker, academic guidance will be provided by a number of Resident, Non-Resident Tutors and Residential Assistants

All first year residents are assigned to a senior Residential Assistant (RA) who provides pastoral support mentoring. All new residents are interviewed by the Deputy Master and/or the Director of Academic and Career Services in the first semester.

For further information on academic matters, please contact the Director of Academic and Career Services, Tony Andres – t.andres@kings.uq.edu.au


King’s College specialises in helping young people succeed academically and our extensive tutorial program is a key part of this support.

In addition to attending university lectures and tutorials, the College offers its residents a comprehensive tutorial program aimed at complementing university tutorials. The College runs more than 130 in any given week. The timetable is advertised in the online Weekly Wyvern newsletter and via the College internal Facebook group.

The College employs resident and non-resident tutors to assist with the tutorial program.  The College tutors have a range of academic qualifications, teaching experience and industry expertise.  If you are interested in being a tutor at King’s, please submit the Expression of Interest form and relevant documents to tutors@kings.uq.edu.au as a PDF, or mail to:

Director of Academic and Career Services – King’s College
Upland Road
QLD   4067


Being a member of the King’s College community provides a number of valuable opportunities to experience and grow your own leadership

King’s College Leadership Course

Offered to returning students, King’s College provides opportunities for Kingsmen and women to discover methods of successful leadership.

Introduced in 2011, the one year course is run (at no additional fee) under the direction of the College’s Deputy Master. The primary objective is to assist members to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to function successfully as individuals and leaders in their chosen profession but also, as responsible and active members of our community.

The first semester focuses on personal leadership and includes topics such as resilience, team work and the development of role models. Building on this foundation, the second semester broadens the scope of the leadership program to include leadership of small groups, analysis of effective leadership models and provides opportunities to lead through community service opportunities. Students receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

King’s College Road Map Project

With the aim to assist students to articulate and achieve their goals and aspirations, each new member is interviewed on arrival at King’s to outline these intentions. Kingsmen and women will be re-interviewed in the second semester of the second year to gauge if they are meeting their expectations, or if they need to be amended to reflect a new pathway. For many this would be the half way point of their journey.