Academic & Careers Support

Academic and career services are a critical component of the support we provide to Collegians. Under the leadership of the Director of Academic & Career Services, King’s College provides outstanding support to Collegians as they transition into university, progress through their studies, and prepare to commence their professional careers.

Collegians have access to a wide range of academic support, resources, and facilities including:

a dedicated Learning Centre with well-equipped individual, group, and specialised study spaces

academic advice (e.g., on enrolment options, study plans, changing programs, understanding program requirements, applying for extensions and Deferred/Supplementary exams, requesting credit transfers, study abroad processes, access plans, and more)

the ‘Flourishing at University’ Program: a series of sessions offered throughout the semester that assists students with the transition to university learning environments. Sessions cover time management, preparing for classes and exams, academic writing, research skills, and public speaking. Tailored to new university students but all students welcome to attend/participate.

writing consultations: a dedicated writing expert provides students with individualised sessions to improve their academic writing skills and offers general proofreading and editing support.

Tutorial Program

King’s College specialises in helping young people succeed academically and our extensive tutorial program is a key part of this support.

King’s College offers a comprehensive selection of over 130 tutorials each week across all subject areas and disciplines to supplement learning support provided at the university. The program involves 60+ academic staff, many with postgraduate qualifications, teaching experience, and/or industry expertise.

Collegians learn with other students through group offerings but can also request 1-on-1 tutorials should additional support be required. The King’s Tutorial Program is considered one of the best collegiate academic programs in Australia.

If you are interested in being a Tutor at King’s, please submit an Expression of Interest form and relevant documents to as a PDF, or mail to:

Director of Academic & Career Services
King’s College, UQ
72 Upland Road
St Lucia QLD 4067

Careers & Employability Program

King’s College is committed to offering all Collegians tailored career support for their journey into professional life – and beyond.

In addition to the support and advice on resume/CV development, interview skills, creating an online presence, and building your professional network, the career services and programs on offer for Collegians at King’s include:

Careers Week & Professional Development Society Events: in conjunction with the King’s Old Collegians’ Association (KOCA) we offer 4 society events throughout the year for law, business/finance, engineering/information technology, and health/medical science students, and a Careers Week only for humanities-based students. King’s Careers Week and Society Events offer a range of workshops tailored to the highlighted field, College visits from professional associations (e.g., Engineers Australia, The Australian Medical Association), industry panels and opportunities for industry networking, as well as detailed profiles of Old Collegians succeeding professionally.

Jobs Board: over 200 opportunities ranging from part- and full-time work, to internships, graduate roles, and casual positions. Can be used for general work experience, career progression opportunities, and/or fulfilling industry-based degree requirements.

Recruitment Service: through the College’s vast network of industry contacts and KOCA members, we are fortunate to partner with industry to shortlist candidates for internships, graduate roles, and employment opportunities, often provided exclusively for King’s students. Those who are identified as fitting the criteria of the role by King’s Academic and Careers staff are supported 1-on-1 to prepare their application for introduction to the employer. Tailored interview preparation support is also provided to maximise chances of an employment outcome.

Mentorship Program: designed to match students with professionals who can help them to improve their industry knowledge and sharpen their skills to become confident contributors in their chosen field.

Careers Fair: opportunity for all Collegians to access a diverse range of potential employers and gain insight into jobs of the future, possible career paths, and to build a wider professional network. Information sessions, industry and organisation booths, and career advice all on offer.

Business Cards & Headshots: professionally produced materials offered to student leaders and 3rd and later year students to help support their job search journey and networking activities.

If you are a Collegian and would like assistance with enhancing your employability, or an industry professional and would like to contribute to the Careers & Employability Program at King’s College please email: