The College provides a safe, secure, comfortable and supportive environment conducive to the pursuit of academic success, personal development and community service. Unique to the College is our Centre for Learning & Leadership. Resident and non-resident academic tutors provide comprehensive study assistance and support to Members of College, at no extra charge.

Personal support

Residential staff, led by the Deputy Master, are available to listen to the concerns of students, and provide guidance and support. Staff members are scheduled to be on duty to assist students with health or personal issues at all times, including weekends and evenings.

A team of Residential Assistants, employed by the College, provide ongoing guidance, support and oversight to College Members during their residency at King's College. A College Porter is also present seven nights per week to help ensure the safety of the students. 

Every Kingsman is part of a small community in their flat. A Residential Assistant will help develop the flat community, building friendships and teamwork among those that live there . All RA's are First Aid trained.

Support from your fellow Kingsmen

Living among like-minded men in the King's community allows friendships and personal support networks to develop easily. It means there are people you can attend lectures with and have after class discussions. You can share academic information and discuss assignments and essays - especially important if you come across an academic or course-related problem!  The most important aspect of academic support often comes from other students living at College. 

Senior Kingsmen can often give personal advice about the subjects they found interesting, the lecturers they found engaging and tips about past exams, information you simply cannot find inside the university handbook. Peers also provide an excellent source of academic support – around exam period people can often be found in the library or in tutorial rooms studying together or finishing group assignments. 

Academic support 

Whilst students are ultimately responsible for their own results, the College will provide support to ensure they have the best opportunity to succeed. In addition to the academic leadership provided to Kingsmen by the Director of Learning Tony Andres, Academic Consultant, Emeritus Professor Trevor Heath OAM and the Deputy Master, Peter Walker, academic guidance will be provided by a number of Resident, Non-Resident Tutors and Residential Assistants

In addition to attending university lectures and tutorials, the College offers its residence a comprehensive tutorial program aimed at complimenting university tutorials. The College runs up to seventy (70) in any given week, increasing closer to exam time. The timetable is advertised in the Weekly Wyvern magazine. 

Networking with Professionals and Academics 

King's College has a vast range of  old collegians who are successful academics and professionals. Through networking events such as the Cooper Foote Law Society function and College dinners, King’s encourages its residents to learn and network with experienced people who have already succeeded in their chosen fields. This opens up contacts within specific fields and these people can often share advice concerning the best way to succeed professionally and the possibility of work experience and internships.