Life at King's College

While living at King's College you make terrific friends and have so many activities to choose from. The food is excellent, with no shopping, cooking and cleaning up to do. With all your meals provided, no mowing or tidying of the yards, no cleaning of your room and bathrooms you have a lot more time available to pursue your academic work, make new friends or develop new sporting or hobby interests.

You will meet many other students from throughout Australia and internationally , all studying quite different disciplines/subjects from yourself.


King's College provides a safe, warm and hospitable community into which you are immediately welcomed.


You are able to develop your own identity and level of involvement in College. You may even apply for one of the many management and leadership positions available each year.
The high level of personal guidance, academic support and practical assistance provided to Members of King's College better ensures that students continue with their studies long after many non College students have given up.
The many life long friendships made within the College's close-knit community also contribute to students feeling a greater belonging to the University.
Living at King's will ensure that you have the full university experience.
Download the 2017 College Handbook here


  • Twenty four hour Common Room with:
o    TV Lounge
o    Large screen TV with Foxtel 
o    Pool table and Table Tennis
o    Balcony overlooking the Brisbane RIver

  • New riverside half basketball court with BBQ facilities
  • Swimming pool
  • Access to computers 24/7
  • 24 hour coin-operated photocopy machine
  • Numerous tutorial rooms for group study or organised tutorials
  • Complimentary well-equipped College Gymnasium with separate weights and cardio rooms
  • King's rowing shed and pontoon
  • Sealed car parks for a restricted number of Residents.


  • Resident and non-resident academic tutors assist by providing tutorials and being available to give free academic advice and assistance. The College endeavours to provide an academic study-conducive environment.
  • Ongoing pastoral care is provided for those Members in need of guidance, advise or support. (Provided in close conjunction with University Counsellors and Health Service)
  • A qualified Physiotherapist attends the College gymnasium to advise Kingsmen about weights training and fitness regimes. The College also provides a fitness consultant to prepare programmes and conduct classes.
  • The College Office handles mail distribution. 
  • The College offers a centralised voice mail message system through its telephone network for important University/College notices.
  • Daily newspapers in Dining Hall.
  • Members of College have access to the pianos in the Dining Hall and Chapel as well as access, by arrangement, to the College pipe organ.
  • College Chapel – Chapel services are held.