Tutorials Academic & Pastoral Support  

Whilst students are ultimately responsible for their own results, the College will provide support to ensure they have the best opportunity to succeed. In addition to the academic leadership provided to Kingsmen by the Director of Learning Tony Andres, Academic Consultant, Emeritus Professor Trevor Heath OAM and the Deputy Master, Peter Walker, academic guidance will be provided by a number of Resident, Non-Resident Tutors and Residential Assistants

All first year residents are assigned to a senior residential assistant (RA) who provides pastoral support mentoring. All new residents are interviewed by the Deputy Master and/or the Director of Learning in the first semester.

For further information on academic matters, please contact the Director of Learning,
Tony Andres – t.andres@kings.uq.edu.au


What's the academic support like at King's? from King's College on Vimeo.

Flourishing at University

A series of “self-help” lectures over a four (4) week period with the aim to give new Kingsmen the tools to succeed at University.


In addition to attending university lectures and tutorials, the College offers its residence a comprehensive tutorial program aimed at complimenting university tutorials. The College runs up to sixty (60) in any given week, increasing closer to exam time. The timetable is advertised in the Weekly Wyvern magazine. 

The College employs resident and non-resident tutors to assist with the tutorial program.  The College tutors have a range of academic qualifications, teaching experience and industry expertise.  If you are interested in being a tutor at King's for the 2017 academic year, please submit the Expression of Interest form and relevant documents to tutors@kings.uq.edu.au as a PDF, or mail to:

Director of Learning - King's College, Upland Road, ST LUCIA   QLD   4067


Are there many tutorials offered at King's? from King's College on Vimeo.


The College has introduced two popular conversational language classes:-

  • Spanish ‘Ole’
  • BMW German