Dining Hall

The King’s Dining Hall is the heart of the College community where you’ll never go hungry for food or company. King’s values the opportunity to gather during meal times and discuss academic endeavours, sporting triumphs or simply catch up with fellow Kingsmen.  
Our catering team not only prides itself on providing three outstanding meals per day but on the fact that King’s is the only College where you get to serve yourself. In addition we make sure you don’t go hungry outside of meal times by ensuring the snack bar is available all day and late into the evening. 
If you have commitments during lunch time you can make a packed lunch at breakfast and take it with you. For those committed to university sports training, early or late classes or work commitments, late dinners can be pre-ordered and available in the Dining Hall when you return. 
At set times each semester we have formal dinners to celebrate King’s achievements or to hear from special guest speakers. These are formal nights giving us all a chance to dress up, listen to insightful speakers, and enjoy an elegant meal. 

What's the food like at King's? from King's College on Vimeo.


Weekdays 6am to 9am 
Saturday 7am to 9am 
Sunday 7:30am to 2pm (brunch)   
Hot Breakfast 
Weekdays 7am to 9am 
Saturday 7:30am to 9am   
Each day our continental breakfast includes cereal, toast, yoghurt and fruit and the ever popular hot breakfast provides a cycle of delicious foods including pastries, eggs and bacon.   


Weekdays and Saturday Noon – 2pm 
Each day there is also a hot food option and a range of salad, meat, cheese and bread. Fresh fruit is also available. 


Weekdays 5:30pm to 7pm 
Weekends 5pm to 6:30pm   
As with our other main meals dinner is a generous self-serve of delicious hot food and a range of salads.